VK:i Approach

Our design approach is based on achieving ‘measurable performance’ from spaces and creating ‘healthy environments’. We also believe in a research based approach which leads to innovation in design.

  • Development of a clear brief & understanding of clients businesses.
  • Programmatic solutions & constructive relationship with consultants,contractors & suppliers.
  • Effective cost control programme management.
  • Personalized service by qualified & dedicated staff.

VK:i Methodology

We here at VK:i, practice design that engages the senses,establishing a global appeal,experimental yet sustainable concepts with the changing trends. We do emphasize on the relationship between human psychology and built environment, behavioral issues and emotions offered by the space to the end user. Last but not least we strive to achieve value for money spend by client.

VK:i Driving principles

  • Sensitivity to Client’s requirement
  • Knowledge and innovation driven designs
  • Functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

VK:i Design flowchart

  • Programme and Spatial Planning
  • Conceptual design
  • Design development – 3 D Presentations,Mood boards & Material boards
  • Furniture, Fittings & Equipment ( FF&E)
  • Design Documentation
  • Procurement & Change Management
  • Budgets &Contracting.

At VK:i, we have always been focused on ‘delivering’ projects successfully.